Free Resources for Web Developers

Free Resources for Web Developers


I'm Tahir Ahmed, a frontend developer. This is my first ever article on any blogging platform.

In this article, I would like to let you all know about some of the free resources that are available for web developers for designing the websites, using images, adding gradients, generating color palettes and many such things for websites.

These are the ones that I recommend personally as I use them in my work.

Free Images

Any good website has illustrations or images. It is not easy to find images that are not copyrighted. The following are some resources from where you can use images for free

1 Unsplash:

Unsplash has tons of free images of all the things that you are looking for. They don't have any watermarks on them.

2 Undraw:

Undraw has free illustrations which you can download in any of the formats such as svg, png etc.

Gradients and colors

Have you ever looked at a website and wished that you would also be able to create such good looking colorful websites? You can do it too.

1 CSS Gradient:

CSS Gradient provides an graphical user interface to create Gradients (both Linear and Radial) and allows you to choose from 256M colors. You get a chance to view how the gradient looks before you actually use it in your application.

2 Coolors:

Coolors allows you to create a Color palette for your website. Press space bar, the next palette appears. If you like a color you can lock it and keep changing the other ones.

3 Clippy:

Have you seen websites with skewed divs like the one below. These designs are called as skewed designs. We can achieve similar design by applying clip path to ::after or ::before pseudo elements. With Clippy we can create a clip path easily. It allows use to change shape of clip to such as Polygon, Cross or many such shapes.


4 Tailwind CSS Colors

Tailwind developers have made a collection of colors that attract the human eye.

Thats all for this article.

Thanks for reading.